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Lightning-Fast, Modular CSS with No Side Effects

Basscss is a lightweight collection of base element styles, immutable utilities, layout modules, and color styles designed for speed, clarity, performance, and scalability.

No Side Effects

Styles behave exactly as expected to help prevent common pitfalls with CSS and to make layout debugging a thing of the past.

Code with Confidence

Read, write, and edit templates without the need to dig through pages of CSS documentation.

Designed for Design

With clear, humanized naming conventions, Basscss is quick to internalize and easy to wrap your head around, while striking a balance between consistency and flexiblity.


Basscss doesn’t dictate what your site should look like. With extensible base styles and variables for typography, white space, breakpoints, and UI elements, it’s made to be customized.

Mix and Match

With modular styles that work like building blocks, Basscss provides a foundation of reusable and inter-operable styles for greater freedom when designing in the browser.

Responsive by Default

The web is inherently flexible, Basscss doesn’t break that tradition and provides lightweight solutions to design for all devices.


Base Elements

Core typographic, form, button, and base element styles keep designs consistent where it matters most.

Immutable Utilities

Simple, composable typographic and layout utilities based on common scales promote faster design and development in the browser and more performant, more readable code with no side effects.


Layout Modules

Flexible, responsive, and reusable grid and flexbox modules control page structure across a wide variety of devices.


Simple, customizable color utilities encourage iterative design and allow for flexibility over time. Featuring colors from mrmrs/colors.

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