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I released Geomicons Wired over three years ago, and they’ve been used in many great-looking websites and apps since then. Over the past year or so, I’ve learned a lot from the open source community, and I’d like to give something back. Today I’m launching my third set, Geomicons Open – and, you guessed it, it’s open source. To coincide with the launch of Geomicons Open, I’ll also be offering Geomicons Wired for free (as in speech) through an open source license.

Anyone who’s purchased Geomicons Wired in the last three months will be receiving a refund. If you do not get this refund within the next few days, please let me know. If you purchased the set before December 2013, I hope you’ve gotten $16 worth out of the set and can understand my decision to do this. That said, any past purchases of Geomicons Wired are now under the same open source license, which allows you to do a whole lot more.

Brent Jackson
March 9, 2014

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