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Defining Component APIs in React

Over the years, I’ve noticed patterns in how I tend to approach component APIs and building out applications and libraries. The following is a collection of thoughts, opinions, and advice for defining component APIs that are meant to be more flexible, composable, and easier to understand. None of these are hard-and-fast rules, but they’ve helped guide the way I think about organizing and creating components.

Sun Jul 08 2018

Patterns for Style Composition in React

While React is extremely flexible in terms of how you can structure your application’s UI, I’ve found that a few patterns for style composition have helped me keep things organized and easy to work with.

Sat Aug 13 2016

Universal UI Components

Wed Jul 06 2016

Unit testing UI

Mon Jun 20 2016


Fri Jun 17 2016

Zero-Configuration React Static Site Generator

Mon Feb 15 2016

Mathematical Web Typography

Tue Jun 23 2015

Mini MacBook Review

Why the new MacBook might just be my favorite computer ever

Wed Jun 17 2015

Color Palette Documentation for Living Style Guides

Mon Jun 15 2015

Static Site Generation with React and Webpack

Sat Jun 06 2015

Rethinking Variables in CSS

Fri May 08 2015

5 ways to not shoot yourself in the foot with CSS

Tue Dec 30 2014

It’s Okay to Look the Same

Fri Apr 25 2014

I don’t know how to design

Wed Apr 16 2014

Designing in the Browser Faster

Mon Apr 14 2014

An Update on the Hamburger Menu

Sat Apr 12 2014

I’m Sick of Your Tiny, Tiny Type

Tue Jan 29 2013

Organizing Mobile Navigation Based on Information-Seeking Behavior

Wed Jan 16 2013

Buckets and Jumpoffs: Using Content-Centric Contextual Navigation

Fri Dec 07 2012

The Advantages of Table Views Over Left Nav Flyouts

Sat Dec 01 2012

Hamburgers & Basements: Why Not to Use Left Nav Flyouts

Wed Nov 21 2012

Microbeats is the Best Journal I’ve Ever Kept

Wed Nov 07 2012