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It's Okay to Look the Same

Why frameworks are actually pretty great

Every once in a while I hear someone complain about the visual homogenization of the web, and front-end frameworks often get the brunt of the attack. This visual sameness isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Designing in the Browser Faster

I’ve been dabbling with HTML and CSS for years—building small websites for myself and friends and building prototypes to test designs. And, while I’ve been fascinated with the idea of designing in the browser for a long time, it wasn’t until recently that it’s become much, much faster for me than using traditional design software.

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Organizing Mobile Navigation Based on Information-Seeking Behavior

When opening an application, a user should be able to understand its functionality, see relevant content, and get to where they want to go. Applications that obscure navigation with the intent of focusing on content can make finding specific information difficult. On the other hand, skewing towards too much navigation can overwhelm the user. Mobile apps should balance navigation for users with different information needs.

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