Brent Jackson


It’s Okay to Look the Same: Why frameworks are actualy pretty great

Every once in a while I hear someone complain about the visual homogenization of the web, and front-end frameworks often get the brunt of the attack. This visual sameness isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Read more...

Designing in the Browser Faster

I’ve been dabbling with HTML and CSS for years—building small websites for myself and friends and building prototypes to test designs. And, while I’ve been fascinated with the idea of designing in the browser for a long time, it wasn’t until recently that it’s become much, much faster for me than using traditional design software. Read more...

Hack Design: Using Icons in Interfaces

With the proliferation of mobile devices, icons play an increasingly important role in interface design. Icons can help aid in scannability, save space at smaller screen sizes, and afford clear, tappable targets. That said, icons can cause user confusion and frustration when used poorly. A solid foundation of heuristic icon design principles will save a lot of time on user research and help lead to the success of a product. Read more...

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Product designer at Etsy. Based in Brooklyn, NY.